The Butsumaru, symbol of HBS


My name is Rocco, I am an Italian guy and I have been practicing Buddhism for 20 years. I moved to UK in March 2014 for work.

Thanks to the teachings of the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni, the Masters Nichiren Daibosatsu and Kaido Nissen Shonin, I crossed through many difficulties, I learned how to overcome fears and doubts and I reached many goals. I also learned how to help and support other people. HBS offers support to those who want to improve their selves and their environment.

I’ve made this site to express all my gratitude to the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni, the Saint Nichiren and to all the monks and devotees that pledge their time and efforts in Japan, Italy and all around the world, so that every people could know a practice as simple as powerful that allow us to develop our Buddha nature.